• grant

    Grant Hattaway

    Born and bred in the “North”, Grant comes from a varied hospitality background. Grant started his working life as a golf professional but found that his strong analytical skills and drive where just as useful in the hospitality industry. Grant started out in the industry by buying an Auckland café, and taught himself every step of the way. Now with 16 years in the industry and five successful venues under his belt, Grant can now say he has a full understanding of what it takes to be a success in this challenging industry.

    Grant is our numbers man, and his strengths include finance, stock control, food and labour costs and basically anything that impacts the bottom line. Grant can offer businesses the benefit of his skills in this area by performing full health checks on all books and accounts.

    Grant understands that in the current climate making the most out of every dollar is crucial for longevity.

  • karen

    Karen Hattaway

    Born and breed in the “south”, Karen comes from the background of the fashion industry, customer service and education and training. After owning and operating her own business’s for the past 20 years she has developed a full understanding in the challenges in running a successful operation.

    Karen brings such strengths as Human resource management, Kitchen and restaurant manager experience, employment, systems and procedures, education and training, Service standards, design, building teams and motivation and is a solution provider.

    “Understanding the pressure of our clients when they are running a business is paramount, if we can make their job easier and assist in helping them reach their goals and targets, I always feel satisfied. I believe it is better to talk to someone that operates their own business’s and that can appreciate first hand how hard it can be out there now days”

    Karen brings to the team her wealth of experience and looks forward to working with you.

    The function of leadership is to produce more leaders not more followers!

  • elaine

    Elaine Thomson
    Head of Training and Marketing

    Hailing from Scotland Elaine was drawn to the beautiful Wakatipu basin, New Zealand in which she now calls home.

    Elaine has worked in the hospitality Industry for the past 10 years with her career extending from fast paced city restaurants to boutique lodges. After being awarded a MA in learning and development in teaching in the industry she has found a true passion for education and passing on her extensive knowledge of service and working on the floor to others.

    Passionate about the restaurant being "memorable for the right reasons" and that we are all "ambassadors of New Zealand" Elaine believes detail and caring about our guests is paramount.

  • Joff Bertram

    Joff Bertram
    Executive Chef Hattaway Consultancy

    At the age of 17 years Joff began his 22 year love affair with food at Pescatore Restaurant in Christchurch.

    His career choice has made him push the boundaries both personally and professionally to be one of New Zealand‘s most respected Chef‘s in the market place.

    Previous owner of the successful restaurant The Bathhouse; Queenstown Joff now leads the Hattaway Hospitality Group as Executive Chef.

    This colourful and unassuming character Believes in fresh, good food made passionately. “It‘s about our guest‘s having a memorable dining experience in New Zealand and wanting to taste true regional cuisine with simple, clean flavours”